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What is Craft Beer?

Craft Beer, in German Craft Bier, means to focus on the best ressources, highest quality standards and foremost: hand made beer. This means that the brewery itself is not fully automated, every beer is filtered and pasteurized - it means that the product is fresh and contains all the natural ingredients as it should!
For us small micro breweries it also means experimenting and brewing beer styles that may not be common in the local area.
This allows us to capture all the beauty of the malts, hops and other ingredients into a single bottle of hand crafted beer.
In short: Craft Beer has character!

What makes CraftCountry so special?

We love our beers and we love our ingredients!
We have high quality standards for all of our ingredients and only work with natural products in their original state. This means no hop or malt extracts, we use the grains and the husks!
We also brew with our amazing Tyrolean alpine spring water that comes directly from a 2km drilling into the alps - this water alone tastes amazing, but combine that with malts and hops and you're somehow close to heaven.

The highest quality malts, exotic hops, fresh alpine spring water and hand crafting - one of a kind in the heart of the alps.
Hall in Tyrol, near Innsbruck - Austria!

Our beers

Awesome, different, juicy, hoppy and creative - here are our current highlights:



Tyrolean lager



Amber Ale



Japanese Pale Ale


Last Christmas

Spiced Oatmeal Stout



Hoppy American Light Lager

Our botteling sizes

For our private and business customers we fill in 0.33l one-way bottles.
If you ever have a bigger event, a friends over for BBQ or just want to ensure you have enough beer at home, we also have 5l party kegs, 25l stainless steel kegs (type-a fitting) and 50l stainless steel kegs (type-a fitting).
For events we can provide you with tapping equipment for free, that's our service to ensure the best quality of our products.

If you are a commercial distributor, bar or shop, we also have 30l one-way KeyKegs in stock. Just contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with a quote.

About us

From homebrewing to professional 20hl micro-brewery

  • 2012

    Were it all began

    We started in 2012.
    In the summertime we brewed with a couple of friends. We sure knew, we'll have to persue this dream.

  • 2014/Q2

    Shell of a 2hl brewery

    The shell of the small 2hl brewery was made all by ourselfs. Dry walls, electricity, water, plumbing, floors.

  • 2014/Q4

    Stainless steel

    A brewery needs stainless steel! Our small 2hl brewery was tailer made just for our purpose.

  • 2015/Q1

    The filling machine

    Beer in kegs is good - beer in bottles is better. That's why we bought a small single head filler.

  • 2015/Q1

    Keg cooler

    To ensure that we always have cool kegs in stock, we purchased this highly efficient keg cooling system.

  • 2015/Q2

    New fermenters

    To meet the high demands, we bought brand new cylindric conical fermenters.

  • 2016

    new building, new 20hl brew house

    The demand is overwhelming. That's why we built a brand new 20hl brew house on 500m² with a fully automated filling line.

  • Today:
    20hl brewery
    120hl tanks
    6 beers

The Team

We, Jürgen and Simon, are passionate beer enthusiats and hop heads.
Our goal is to provide fresh, sparkling, creative and different beer types to all our customers.

Jürgen L.

[email protected]

CraftCountry Brewery

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The Location

You are looking for a special location near Innsbruck? Maybe for a birthday party, a company meeting, a photo shoot or even a wedding shower?
Want to have a private tour with your buddies to find out what running a brewery is really all about?
Looking for a special gift to your clients with your own beer and label? Want to be a gipsy brewery and brew your own beer on a big scale?

Get in touch with us! We can arrange everything from tours, tastings, live music, your own beer batches with custom labels and so on.
A brewery is an awesome location for a special moment and rarely can you find such a place in Tyrol.

Where can you get our beers?

Here is just a small list of retailers, whole salers, bars, pubs, hotels and clubs that serve our beer. Due to the high demand we don't keep this list updated at all times. If you found our products somewhere that is not listed here, contact us and we'll add it shortly.
Do you want to sell our beers? Please contact us and we'll be happy to work with you!

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Contact us

Do you want more information about our products?
Want to start distributing or selling our beers in your region?
Please don't hesitate and contact us. We'll be answering as soon as possible!